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OUR MISSION is to facilitate and to make comfortable your day-to-day life by providing cabinetry services that suit your personal vision with the utmost respect for quality…

OUR EXPERTISE Let us guide you through the process  so that you feel confident with your decisions. Our design expertise and product knowledge are at your service…

WE ARE LOCAL Finic Cabinetry & Design Studio is based in Portland, Oregon, but we are currently working on projects throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Our Process

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Sketches, words, gestures, even a glance – use any convenient method to translate your vision of custom cabinetry. What you do NOT need to do overthink every single detail – our experienced designer will make sure that everything fits perfectly together, and create a living space that is cozy and functional.

The advanced technologies used at Finic Cabinetry & Design Studio provide the high quality and accuracy of our cabinets, but the individual, unique character is handcrafted. We believe this approach matches your perceptions the best way.

Give freedom to your creative imagination and to your dreams. What will your cabinetry look like? Will it be a clean fresh space, or classic paint, or perhaps industrial color style? We can use any type of finish you choose to provide that perfect showroom look you desire.

Our team is responsible for all steps of creating your custom cabinets from the design to production, assembling, installation and lifetime warranty service.


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dMeet Claire, our lead designer. In your initial consultation she will go over how you envision your space and share her expertise in cabinetry and interior design.

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